Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Reasons Why You Should Consider Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Die casting is the most common technique used for manufacturing metal parts for machines and equipments. Most items are mass produced using this technique. Zinc die casting is used for producing electronic components, mechanical tools, office equipment, window hardware, and lots of such things useful in our day to day lives. The properties achieved by this process can never be achieved by any other casting processes.

Zinc alloy die casting produces metal parts that are much stronger than other processes. They have much stronger properties than reinforced molded polymers. Zinc is a very hard metal, which is dimensionally stable and has self lubricating properties. It is perfect for working modules because of its high modulus. Gears and pinions made of other polymers would be less durable than the ones made with zinc. The thermal and electrical conductivity of zinc are excellent as well. Moreover, the casting tolerances are very good and all these properties put together make it a good option for manufacturing electrical components and applications that need electromagnetic shielding. Heat sinks made of zinc are highly efficient. Casting of zinc is done at moderate temperatures, which helps save a lot of energy. 

Zinc alloy is known to have the following characteristics:

·         High strength and hardness
·         High thermal and electrical conductivity
·         Low cost raw material
·         High stability and dimensional accuracy
·         Excellent thin wall capability
·         Ability to cold form, which eases joining
·         Excellent corrosion resistance
·         Full recyclability
·         High quality finishing characteristics

Zinc is the best metal that can be machined, pressed, stamped, and fabricated to manufacture items. This makes zinc alloy die casting the most preferred among all options. It has high strength and hardness to suit every application. Zinc casting alloys have the following advantages:

·         The process is highly flexible
·         High precision tolerance
·         Very strong and ductile
·         Really tough
·         Rigidity
·         Anti-sparking
·         Finishing is easy
·         Bearing properties
·         Machinability
·         Casted into thin walls
·         Energy costs are low
·         Tool life is long
·         Clean and recyclable

Zinc die casting allows a wide range of finishes. You can get any anesthetic characteristics you wish. It has got an excellent coating durability and can be made to look like weathered brass, stainless steel, solid gold, or leather. Zinc has got high density, and so its cast parts give a feeling of durability and substance. Plastic components can never come anywhere near to it. All thesee advantages and features of zinc make it a preferred option for all kinds of manufacturing processes.

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